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What boat suits you best? Motor, sailing, catamaran?

If you are already accustomed to the boating industry surely you don’t need to continue reading this post, but if it is the first time you’re going to rent a boat in Ibiza this information will help you choose the best type of boat for your holiday.

Depending on the activity that you want to develop the first thing is to decide the number of people you are going to sail with (number of guests on board), your budget, the number of days you want the boat and if you are going to sleep or not on board.

The sailing boats are catamarans and sailboats. These boats in Ibiza are rented mainly and mostly by weeks, and the charters begin Saturday and end the following Saturday morning. If you are thinking in less days, one only (day charter) or something that does not exceed the week, it will be easier to get a motor boat. Catamarans and sailboats are the most sought-after option for those who want to spend a week of vacation in Ibiza, bringing two options in one: accommodation and a boat to sail.

Sailboats is a way of sailing for sea lovers, who want to enjoy the ride and views, while living the sea at its fullest. It is a more “romantic” approach and, above all, slower. The speed at which we move sailing, has nothing to do with the yachts or motorboats. The sailboats have a motor, but it is much slower and used primarily for manoeuvring.

Sailing is cheaper and also uses less fuel than a motor boat such as a yacht. For groups of friends or families of 6-8 people that have a week or longer and want to embark to explore the coast of Ibiza, a sailboat or catamaran would be the best option. Catamarans are more comfortable than the boats because they have a wider sleeve and are more stable, so the spaces are wider and less claustrophobic. The sailing boats move more, so it is easier to get dizzy and the time it takes to get from one place to another is longer. For example, from the port of Ibiza to Formentera Illetas a sailboat can take 1 hour and 30 minutes, and a yacht between 30 and 40 minutes, and with less movement, offering an easier navigation.

If on the other hand, what you want to do is enjoy a day on a boat, what is known as day charter, the best option is a motor boat, a speed boat or a yacht. They sail faster, are more stable and move less, so the way to get to your destination is shorter and with less dizziness.

The engine gives us a wide range of possibilities, as they are flexible with the number of days that can be rented. From one day, to the whole season. Depending on the day, prices can improve substantially.All boats have base ports with moorings where you can leave the boat at the end of the day, and find it the next day ready, clean and ready to enjoy another day of navigation.

Many of the sailboats in Ibiza, on the other hand, have no mooring, but are anchored. Sleeping in the port is much more comfortable than sleeping at anchor, first because the port protects the boat from waves and moves less, and secondly because being in port is easier to enter and exit the boat, for example to buy out to dinner, stroll in Ibiza. However, you can always choose a sailing boat with mooring, or budget and anchor in the port.

More and more, both fans and worshippers from Ibiza and Formentera are betting on a week’s holiday in Ibiza on catamaran because they are more comfortable and spacious on the inside, they have weak draught and manoeuvrability, they are more expensive that the sailboats, consume more fuel that they and the price of its berths is also more expensive as matter of size, but they are more comfortable and stable than a sailboat to spend a week in boat.

Yachts and motor boats: advantages and disadvantages

If we were to distinguish the main characteristic of the motorboats in one word, this would be “fuel”. The larger, more powerful and faster the motor boats are, the more we will have to use the credit card. The boats require more monitoring and maintenance to ensure a perfect state of health that will fall into the hands of a specialist.
It is for this reason that your rent is more expensive, since they are more delicate and costly to maintain. On the other hand, if what we want is to sail great distances we must bear in mind the autonomy and the need to refuel, a sailboat is more appropriate at this point.
When we sail by engine, distances seem shorter, and it is perfect to visit several coves of Ibiza and Formentera on the same day. In 8 hours, which usually lasts a day charter, it is a pity to spend 4-5 hours sailing to see only a pair of coves. Sailing is mainly for those who are not hurry.

Motor boats are easier because there’s no need for complicated manoeuvres and does not require the presence of a large number of assistants, all of this makes it ideal for those who do not have much free time because it allows to travel from one place to another faster and without the need for complicated preparations.

Sailing boats and other boats with sails: advantages and disadvantages

Sails offer much more independence, and the option to get lost in at sea during longer periods, since it does not depend on the fuel and has more autonomy. Its fuel is natural “wind”. For this reason, it requires greater technical preparation – after many hours of practice – and the help of a minimum crew depending on the length. No less important is the meteorology for two reasons, the first and fundamental knowledge of wind and the second time that has to invest in each voyage.

Finally, the maintenance of a sailing boat tends to lead to greater complexity, despite the simplicity of its engine, as are revising the rigging, sails, deck fittings and ropes. But by overcoming these disadvantages you can fully enjoy freedom and tranquillity that the wind provides.

The longer the length of a sailboat, the less movement there will be, more speed and greater comfort. These premises are also a financial disadvantage as the greater the length, the more expensive it gets.

The number of crew members / guests who will be on board and our budget will be the key factors to succeed in the choice of renting a sailboat or other, and also the port of it, since usually the ports of Ibiza city tend to be more expensive than those in San Antonio or Santa Eulalia. Here there are boats for rent in Ibiza including mooring in port every day of the week, and others only the first and last day just for the day of embarkation and disembarkation day, meanwhile you will depend on the skipper and the auxiliary boat (zodiac) to go to land. Life on board is the coexistence in a reduced space by what habitability plays a key role. From 50 feet, one can say that life on board will be easier. Remember that you can always contact us with your questions.