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If you don’t know exactly what boat you want or don’t have time, fill out this form and tell us how many people will be on board, possible dates, budget approximately and we will send you a proposal by email. Don’t forget to leave us your phone number to be able to contact you.

    Best options of boat rental Ibiza

    In we have been offering rental boats in Ibiza and Formentera for over 10 years, with one of the largest fleets in charter boats on the island. Boats to spend only the day (day charter) or also to sleep on board. Yachts in Ibiza, boats and zodiacs in Ibiza with and without skipper, sailboats in Ibiza, and catamarans in Ibiza. Enjoy the experience of renting a boat in Ibiza in a simple, fast, professional and safe way.

    Fjord 40 Open A2

    1 cabin 12 m 11 guests no overnight
    desde 1.250 € /día
    Port: Marina Ibiza

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    Focus Forza 40 Hug

    1 cabin 12 m 11 guests No overnight
    desde 1.200 € /día
    Port: Marina Ibiza

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    Pershing 43

    2 cabins 14,00 m 12 guests day charter 2 guests overnight
    from 1.300€ /day
    Puerto base: Marina Ibiza

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    Marlin 38

    1 cabin 11 m 11 guests + skipper
    from 950 € skipper included /Day
    Port:Club Náutico Ibiza

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    Valiant 750 Cruiser

    No cabin 7,50 m 11 Guests No overnight
    from 500 € skipper included /Day
    Base port: Marina Ibiza

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    How it works

    Here we will explain the details of the booking process and the frequent questions you may have when you decide to rent a boat. If you have any other questions you can call us or send us your inquiry to

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1 - Search and compare between more than hundreds of boats for rent displayed on our website.

    Select the type of boat: Superyacht, Yacht, Motorboat, Sailboat, Catamaran. Take a look at all the options. Once you have found the one you like, select the possible dates and number of people in the form on the right of the page and then click on BOOK.


    Then you will access a more detailed form where you can tell us if you have any special requirements and your contact information to be able to get back to you and help you find the perfect boat as soon as possible.


    If you need further information of any of our boats, do not hesitate to ask your specialized adviser (technical characteristics, equipment, photographs …) Formentera.

    2 - According to your preferences, decide and select special conditions and budget.

    It is important that you keep in mind whether you prefer a motor or a sailing boat, if it is only a day charter without sleeping on board, or if you are looking for a boat to spend several days or even a week.


    The number of guests on board is also important, since you will have to choose a boat that has an authorized capacity for the number of people according to your needs.


    And finally check the rental price and the approximate fuel consumption of the chosen boat.


    The prices shown are established directly by the owner, without any extra commission for the client.

    Once you have chose the boat, you must request it

    Once you have chosen the boat, or if you have several in mind, you must request it from our Barcoibiza team through any of our channels.


    We will check availability, budget and will send you all the possible options for your plan.

    3 - Book the ideal boat for your holidays in Ibiza.

    Your specialized adviser will send you a detailed budget so you have full knowledge of all the specifications, dates, price, fuel cost and any other request and personal data.


    The reservation will be confirmed once the payment marked on the quote sent by your assistant has been done (50% if you book more than one month in advance)


    The second payment, which must be made at least 30 days before boarding, will also be transacted in the same way to the first through Barcoibiza.


    Depending on how far in advance the trip is organized, the % and timing may vary, but the boat rental must always be 100% paid before boarding.

    Bank transfer or credit card

    The customer can do the payment through a bank transfer to the Barcoibiza account or by credit card through the website platform. When the payment has been received by Barcoibiza, (it usually takes 48 hours) our booking department will send the confirmation to both the client and the ship owner and will proceed to organize your check-in.


    To speed up the boarding, Barcoibiza will ask the user to sign the rental contract, send a copy of their ID or passport, and the corresponding title in the case of renting without a captain; will also ask the client to fill in a form with all the details of the rest of the guests and will send this form to the crew so that everything is in order.


    We will accompany you throughout the process so that you don’t have any doubts and it is easy, fast, comfortable and safe for you.

    4 - Enjoy the experience.

    Once you have booked your boat, we will help you with all the preparations and organize all the necessary supplies for your trip.

    If you have rented a boat without a captain, we recommend you do your homework to get to know the navigation area and plan your boat trips to the coves or restaurants that you most like.


    In Barcoibiza we can help you by sending you useful information so that the boat experience is pleasant.


    We can also recommend routes and restaurants, as well as calculate an estimated fuel consumption for your selected navigation route; we can also organize any extra services such as transfers, catering on board, or water toys.

    For rental without a captain do not forget your navigation license

    For rentals without a captain, before boarding, the owner or partner who does your check-in, will ask you to pay for the hired extras, show your documentation (ID or passport and navigation license) and the withholding of the agreed amount in concept of deposit. Remember to listen carefully to the recommendations on how to handle the boat.


    Enjoy the experience on board of renting a boat in Ibiza and Formentera with Barcoibiza!

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    Discretionary water taxi between Ibiza and Formentera service.

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    How much does a boat consume? Solve your doubts.

    About BarcoIbiza

    We adore Ibiza, we feel true love for the island. It is passion and has given us a daily motivation to continue year after year. We are captivated by its history, folklore and traditions, the countryside, white villages and turquoise water, the contrast of people, the peaceful Ibiza by day and the excitement at night, modern and free; it’s special energy. Sailing to Formentera, to the wild coves, enjoying its nature and diving into the turquoise and crystal-clear waters, live the sea. This is our true dream and we wish to share this experience with you and the magic that motivates us day to day, season to season, always offering the very best.

     Miguel Sancho C.E.O.

    Dedicated to Boat Rental Ibiza & Yacht Charter Ibiza for more than a decade

    Throughout the years we have managed to gather a wide and well-selected offer of rental boats, becoming the company in Ibiza with the largest fleet of boats. Our great knowledge of the island, the sector and boats, the fantastic relationship with our clients and ship-owners, allow us to guarantee the best and most competitive prices for boat rentals in Ibiza (Ibiza boat charter).

    We offer you a great variety of rental boats in Ibiza, from 7 to more than 30 meters of length; rental of yachts and superyachts in Ibiza, rental of sailboats in Ibiza, rental of catamarans in Ibiza, rental of motorboats in Ibiza, rent of zodiacs in Ibiza, and boats for big groups and events.

    Day charter boat rental, for several days or weekly rental, sleeping on board or just to spend the day.

    You can surf our website and see all the boat options shown, choosing the ones that best adjust to your plan and follow detailed instructions to make your booking.

    You can also send us a direct contact form explaining what your plans are, number of people, dates, budget in mind, and any detail you consider appropriate and we will find the best option in Ibiza for you, in an easier, personalised, professional, discreet and efficient way.


    • Excelente servicio!! Volveré a repetir sin ninguna duda. Una opción magnifica para pasar unas vacaciones en Ibiza! Lo recomiendo 100%

      Raquel Falomir Avatar Raquel Falomir
      February 21, 2017
    • Incrível experiência quando cheguei em Ibiza.. e aluguei um barco com essa empresa, trato perfeito e capitães super educados fizeram muitas excursões em lugares incríveis em formentera e Ibiza!!! Nota 10

      Saulo Babanova Avatar Saulo Babanova
      February 20, 2017
    • Traveled from London last summer and it was one of the best experiences of my life. Great staff, well organised, super fancy yacht and all kind of amenities. I truly recommend this company and the routes they provide, as well as the amazing and helpful customer service.

      Sara Fernandez Avatar Sara Fernandez
      March 22, 2017
    • El mejor sitio de alquiler de cualquier tipo de embarcaciones en Ibiza!!! Gran atención y servicio al cliente !! Gran variedad de embarcaciones y una excelente calidad precio!! Lo hacen todo fácil y que disfrutes realmente de las vacaciones !! Llevo mas de 20 años alquilando barcos en Baleares y sin duda es la empresa mas seria que hay !!

      Alfonso Galobart Avatar Alfonso Galobart
      February 20, 2017
    • Brilliant

      Sebastian Cava Avatar Sebastian Cava
      January 17, 2017


    What boat suits you best? Motor, sailing, catamaran?

    If you are already accustomed to the boating industry surely you don’t need to continue reading this post, but if it is the first time you're going to rent a boat in Ibiza this information will help you choose the best type of boat for your holiday. Depending on the activity that you want to

    Water taxi

    If you need transport by boat, fast, comfortable and safe between Ibiza and Formentera we can quote a Water Taxi service. It is not a day charter but a specific transfer, a transfer service from the port of Ibiza to the port of La Savina or vice versa. In approximately between 25 and 40 minutes

    How much does a boat consume? Solve your doubts

    How can I estimate the fuel expense that I will have to assume after sailing? How is the cost of fuel calculated? How much fuel does my boat consume for the chosen route?