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How much does a boat consume? Solve your doubts

How can I estimate the fuel expense that I will have to assume after sailing? How is the cost of fuel calculated? How much fuel does my boat consume for the chosen route?

Depending on the type of boat and the scheduled route or itinerary, our Barcoibiza team can give you an estimated consumption. This information may only be relevant to motor boats, since in both catamarans and sailboats the motor consumption is very low. The brochure / pdf of each boat will specify the motor, the cruising speed and the estimated consumption due to its use, both in litres/hour or euros/hour.

The motor only consumes fuel while it is on; during anchoring it remains off, without consuming. The power of the motors, speed, the weight of the boat, the state of the sea, the wind resistance and the number of miles navigated directly influence fuel consumption. In the boat routes in Ibiza and Formentera that we show you in the Barcoibiza website we have estimated an average time of use of engines in each one. This information is always indicative. The captain of your boat can also make an estimate of your route if you want to trace it yourself and to know if it may or not interest you depending on fuel consumption.

The most exact fuel consumption of the boat is carried out through the system of leaving the tank at 100% and refueling again until it is filled when returning to port. This is relatively easier with the smaller boats, motorboats, boats and inflatables in general, and what is usually done. Because of their size they are easier to maneuver, their fuel tanks are smaller and occupy less space in the port.

With yachts this system requires more logistics effort, more work time and if all the boats do, the gas station in the port and the port itself would be collapsed. This system is usually used on yachts and large ships when the client decides to rent the boat for a week, entering with a full tank and refueling the last day of the charter after the last sail.