How does work?

Here we will explain the details of the booking process and the frequent questions you may have when you decide to rent a boat.
If you have any other questions you can call us or send us your inquiry to

1. Search and compare between more than hundreds of boats for rent displayed on our website.

Select the type of boat: Superyacht, Yacht, Motorboat, Sailboat, Catamaran. Take a look at all the options. Once you have found the one you like, select the possible dates and number of people in the form on the right of the page and then click on BOOK.
Then you will access a more detailed form where you can tell us if you have any special requirements and your contact information to be able to get back to you and help you find the perfect boat as soon as possible.
If you need further information of any of our boats, do not hesitate to ask your specialized adviser (technical characteristics, equipment, photographs …) Formentera.

2. According to your preferences, decide and select special conditions and budget.

It is important that you keep in mind whether you prefer a motor or a sailing boat, if it is only a day charter without sleeping on board, or if you are looking for a boat to spend several days or even a week.
The number of guests on board is also important, since you will have to choose a boat that has an authorized capacity for the number of people according to your needs.
And finally check the rental price and the approximate fuel consumption of the chosen boat.
The prices shown are established directly by the owner, without any extra commission for the client.
Once you have chosen the boat, or if you have several in mind, you must request it from our Barcoibiza team through any of our channels.
We will check availability, budget and will send you all the possible options for your plan.

3. Book the ideal boat for your holidays in Ibiza.

Your specialized adviser will send you a detailed budget so you have full knowledge of all the specifications, dates, price, fuel cost and any other request and personal data.
The reservation will be confirmed once the payment marked on the quote sent by your assistant has been done (50% if you book more than one month in advance)
The second payment, which must be made at least 30 days before boarding, will also be transacted in the same way to the first through Barcoibiza.
Depending on how far in advance the trip is organized, the % and timing may vary, but the boat rental must always be 100% paid before boarding.
The customer can do the payment through a bank transfer to the Barcoibiza account or by credit card through the website platform. When the payment has been received by Barcoibiza, (it usually takes 48 hours) our booking department will send the confirmation to both the client and the ship owner and will proceed to organize your check-in.
To speed up the boarding, Barcoibiza will ask the user to sign the rental contract, send a copy of their ID or passport, and the corresponding title in the case of renting without a captain; will also ask the client to fill in a form with all the details of the rest of the guests and will send this form to the crew so that everything is in order.
We will accompany you throughout the process so that you don’t have any doubts and it is easy, fast, comfortable and safe for you.

4. Enjoy the experience

Once you have booked your boat, we will help you with all the preparations and organize all the necessary supplies for your trip.
If you have rented a boat without a captain, we recommend you do your homework to get to know the navigation area and plan your boat trips to the coves or restaurants that you most like.
In Barcoibiza we can help you by sending you useful information so that the boat experience is pleasant.
We can also recommend routes and restaurants, as well as calculate an estimated fuel consumption for your selected navigation route; we can also organize any extra services such as transfers, catering on board, or water toys.
For rentals without a captain, before boarding, the owner or partner who does your check-in, will ask you to pay for the hired extras, show your documentation (ID or passport and navigation license) and the withholding of the agreed amount in concept of deposit. Remember to listen carefully to the recommendations on how to handle the boat.
Enjoy the experience on board of renting a boat in Ibiza and Formentera with Barcoibiza!

5. How do I book?

Once you know which boat is the one that best fits to what you are looking for, your Barcoibiza assistant will send you a detailed quote, in which you will find the information to do the transfer, or the link if you prefer to pay with Credit card in a safe, easy quick and comfortable way.

6. Do I have to pay the whole amount at the time of booking?

No. You will only have to pay the % of the amount set by your assistant, since it varies from one boat to another. The remaining % must be paid at least 30 days before boarding, but we will assist you throughout the whole process so that it is simple and comfortable for you.
While the reservation is being processed, we can block the availability of the boat for a certain period of time, depending on the season and the demand of the chosen boat, so that you can agree with all the members of your group.
Some obligatory and optional extras may be paid at the destination. Keep in contact with your advisor to arrange the payments during the boarding.

7. How far in advance should I book the boat rental?

 If you organize your boat rental with enough time in advance, you can be sure to find more availability, being able to choose the boat that most fits into your plan and even enjoy a discount for booking in advance.

8. Does the client pay any commission?

 No. The rental price of each boat is fixed by the ship-owner and does not entail any extra charge or extra commission for the client.
Renting a boat through Barcoibiza allows you to have access to many more options, being assessed by a neutral and objective expert team whose interest is that you find the best boat and enjoy your experience in the best possible way.

9. Can I make a last-minute reservation?

It is always better to organize the experience with time, but each time more reservations in Ibiza are done last minute, from one day to the next or the same morning. We recommend you get in touch directly by phone, WhatsApp or email and we will look for boat options that have become available.
It is easier to get better prices or have access to boats that are only rented for full weeks.
For last minute requests, it is essential to do the payment of the reservation as soon as possible, since you cannot block the last-minute boats and if another customer pays before, the boat will no longer be available for you.
The best option in these cases is to pay for the reservation in our office or through the payment platform of our website.

10. How can I do the payment?

You can do the payment by bank transfer and send us the receipt, taking into account that some transfers may take longer than 48h.
It is also possible to do it by credit card in our office of Barcoibiza, or through the payment platform on our website.
For cards with a high security system for online payments, such as AMEX for example, we do not consider the reservation to be finalized until we have the confirmation that the payment has been authorized and not declined.
Some cards carry an extra / commission. We recommend consulting with our bookings team to guide you during the process.

11. Are card payments safe through Barcoibiza?

Barcoibiza works to guarantee the security of all the transactions with our customers, and for this reason we only work with the safest means of payment.
The payment process is done through the RedSys platform, guaranteeing the security of the transaction. Barcoibiza does not have access to the customer’s card information.
All communications are secured by SSL / TLS certificate, preventing them from being read or intercepted by an unauthorized person.

12. When does the boat reservation become effective?

Once you request to block a boat, the Barcoibiza team will confirm the reservations by a phone call or a confirmation e-mail.

13. What is included in the price?

The prices indicated on the Barcoibiza website are indicative. The availability and the final price of the boats will be sent with a personalized quote request based on all the requirements of each client and the chosen boat.
These variables vary from one boat to another because each one offers a different pack / proposal. We recommend you read the extended brochure that we will send you of each option carefully, so you can ask us any questions or get extended information.
As general information, fuel consumption is not included in any rent, as it is a variable factor.
Other extras not included can be the captain service, hostess, bedding, towels, final cleaning of the boat, mooring, food, transportation, costs of travel from / to the base of the boat, mooring and port fees if you have to bring it from another port.
Catering services, chef, water toys are usual extra services. As amenities, mineral water, ice, soft drinks, snacks and bath towels are included.
As each boat has a different pack / proposal, your assistant will indicate at all times what is included and what not, so that you can always choose the best option, knowing the total cost and all the clear terms before doing the reservation.

14. At what point should the extras be paid?

Depending on the extras hired, some can be paid along with the reservation and others can be paid at the destination, such as security deposits, captain service, final cleaning, etc.
Water toys, sea bobs, jet skis, fly board… must be paid along with the reservation to ensure availability, unless they are already aboard the ship and they are offered as an extra service.

15. Do I have to sign a contract before I sail off?

Yes. Once the reservation is done, we will put you in contact with the owner of the boat, who will give you the rental contract so that it is signed before the departure date. At all times, you will have a person from the Barcoibiza team available for any questions you may have regarding the documentation required by the owner of the boat.
Our recommendation is that you complete the formal documentation as soon as possible, so that on the day of embarkation you have everything prepared and you can embark as soon as possible and begin to enjoy your experience.
The same as when boarding a plane, it will be necessary to carry identification documents such as ID, passport, navigation license (in the case of boat rental without a skipper) of all the members of the group, since the captain must write a report with all the guests on board and their identity documents, as required by the port authority to avoid any type of administrative sanction.

16. What documentation do I need to rent a boat?

To reserve the boat, you will only the need the name, surname, contact telephone number and e-mail. Once completed, you will be asked for identification documentation of the rest of the guests.
To rent a boat without a captain, we recommend you read our post in detail, which shows the current sailing licenses valid for Ibiza.
Some boats also require a nautical curriculum that contains your sailing experience to be rented without a skipper.

17. Can I cancel my reservation?

Yes, you must request the cancellation of the reservation within 24 hours after payment, for rentals that are not last minute.
Once this period has passed, no refunds or changes are allowed.
You can always check the cancellation conditions with each boat before making the reservation.

18. What navigation route do I choose, what can we visit by boat?

After sharing the experience with thousands of clients of Barcoibiza during all these years and with the recommendations of our expert captains, renowned professionals of the coast of Ibiza and Formentera, we have compiled the best routes for motor boats, taking into account the optimization of the time of navigation so that the fuel consumption does not rise too much and thinking about the departures from the port of Ibiza.
At all times, you can decide your own route, you can ask the captain and he will give you his expert advice taking into account the weather, duration of the boat trip and estimated fuel consumption.
In our section of the blog of Barcoibiza you can read articles published with routes for several days by boat in Ibiza and Formentera.

19. Can I bring children on board?

Yes, security is the most important issue on boats. We recommend you communicate in advance the age and height of the children to make sure that the boat has life jackets adapted for them.
Other tips are: Listen carefully to the crew’s safety instructions when boarding; pay attention to the handrails; do not jump into the water when the engine is on; remain seated and hold on properly to avoid falling when the boat is in movement; make sure that the boat has enough shade for the small ones in order to avoid sunstroke; wear caps and sunglasses to protect them from the sun; rent a boat that has at least a small cabin or room to shelter them from the sun or where they can rest; and finally and most important, to bring an adult in charge of them, since this is not the task of the captain or the crew. With the right conditions, a boat trip with children on board can be memorable.

20. Can I ask for a special extra? (Champagne, flowers, food, special drinks, water toys, ...)

 You can ask for anything you want. The extras are not included in the rental price of the boat, but we can do everything in our means to add complements to the charter to make your boat trip in Ibiza even more fun: boat catering, special drinks, champagne, flowers, list of the supplies, water toys such as a sea bob, jet ski, fly-board session and many more.

21. Are the drinks unlimited on the ship?

No, the complimentary drinks included on the boats are not unlimited. Normally we leave enough drinks to spend the day by boat, mineral water, Coca-Cola, Fanta, Aquarius, beer; The most common is to have more or less 1 or 2 cans per person.
If you have any preference on what type of soft-drinks you would like you can tell us before the day of the departure and we will organize it, for example more beers than soft drinks, etc.
If you bring bottles of alcohol to make your own spirits, it is good to be cautious and bring supplies of your favourite mixer, tonic water, etc.

22. Can I bring my own food and drink on board?

 Yes, on most of our boats you can bring your own food and drinks on board.
Ask us if you need any special equipment and if an extra final cleaning charge is applied, as in the case of some catamarans and boats for large groups in Ibiza.

23. Can you cook on board?

Cooking on board will depend on the length and dimensions of the interior spaces of the boat. The largest and best equipped kitchens are in the larger yachts, which also have good kitchen utensils and crew staff who take care of it, sometimes with a chef included, or with the possibility of incorporating it as an extra, and with an area inside the boat that facilitates the control of smells.
The smaller boats, which are rented for single days, do not have equipped kitchens and their use is usually restricted.
It is recommended that you choose cold food, such as sandwiches, salads, fruit or prepared meals that only need a microwave touch.
We recommend that you always advise us with time to check and coordinate with the crew of each boat and let you know if it is allowed or not on the boat you are going to rent in Ibiza.

24. What if the weather is bad? Is the rental cancelled and refunded, or can I change the date?

The cancellation or changes of the date depend on the conditions offered by each owner, being usual the change of date for another in which client and owner agree and the boat is available.
It is considered bad weather when the wind is strong enough that boat trips are not recommended, or when raining.
In Ibiza during the summer months it is very unusual to have bad weather, it will be common for the day to begin cloudy but end up clearing at midday and sometimes in Formentera the sky is totally open.
It is always better to check the weather report well, delay the departure time. In Barcoibiza we always try to make the customer happy and do everything possible to get the best deal. If it is not possible to change the day we always try to negotiate the refund of the reservation. As always, we recommend consulting the return policy of the chosen boat.

25. What happens if the yacht or boat is damaged because of me?

In case you damage the yacht or rented boat, we will initially keep your security deposit. Once the yacht or boat has been repaired, the ship-owner will reimburse the rest of the deposit. In case the damage is greater than the deposit paid, the client remains solely responsible for the amount of the deposit paid.

26. What happens if I do not have time to refuel the boat before returning it?

In the case of renting a boat without a skipper, and having the responsibility of returning the boat refuelled, not having had time to do it, the ship owner will retain your deposit until the ship is refuelled.
You will be presented with refuelling documentation and may be charged a fee for the extra refuelling service, and even for the extra hours of use of the boat if you have returned it later than the scheduled time.
The difference will be returned from your deposit after checking that the boat has no damage.
In Ibiza, the boats are rented every day and are refuelled after sailing to avoid lines at the gas station the next day, extra logistic efforts and to be able to deliver the boat to the new client at the scheduled time without having to delay the check-in.
We recommend that you pay close attention to the boat’s return conditions when checking in.

27. When do I get the security deposit back?

The deposit or security deposit of the boat rental rent without a skipper takes between 24 to 48 hours for its return, after verifying that the boat has not suffered any damage both externally and internally, and that it has been properly refuelled.
Once verified that everything is correct, it is returned. Some damages that are caused in propellers, engines, electronics, anchor, awning, equipment and other details are not so easy to see at first and are discovered when sailing with the boat the next morning, for this reason the return period can be extended until 48h.

28. How can I estimate the fuel expense I will have to assume after sailing? How is the fuel cost calculated? How much fuel does my boat consume for the chosen route?

Depending on the type of boat and the scheduled route or itinerary, our Barcoibiza team can give you an estimated consumption rate. This information may be relevant in motor boats, since in both catamarans and sailboats the consumption of motor is very small.
In the brochure / pdf of each boat, the engine, the cruising speed and the estimated consumption rate are specified, whether in litres per hour or euros per hour. The engine only consumes fuel while it is in operation; during anchoring it remains off, without consuming.
The power of the engines, speed, the weight of the boat, the state of the sea, the wind resistance and the number of miles navigated influence the fuel consumption. The boat routes in Ibiza and Formentera that we share with you in the Barcoibiza website have an estimation and average time of use of engines in each one. This information is always indicative.
The captain of your boat can also make an estimation for your route if you want to trace it yourself in order to know if it may or not interest you depending on fuel consumption.
The way to test the most exact fuel consumption of the boat is to leave the tank at 100% and refuel it again until it is filled when returning to port.
This is relatively easier with the smaller boats and motorboats in general, and what is usually done always.
Because of their size they are easier to manoeuvre, their fuel tanks are smaller and occupy less space in the port. With yachts, this system requires more logistics, more time of work and if all the boats did so, the gas station in the port and the port itself would be collapsed.
This system is usually used on yachts and large ships when the client decides to rent the boat for a week, entering with a full tank and refuelling the last day of the charter after the last navigation.

29. Are all the boats shown on the web available?

Our goal is to show on our website a selection of boats available for charter during the season. These are not the only boats we can offer you, we have more, probably the most extensive offer on the island, but it is not possible to load them all so the website can work correctly. That is why it is important to contact us so we can send you further options.
In each season, there are ups and downs on charter boats. However, due to the success and demand of the sector, for the moment the available dates of each boat must be confirmed personally with our booking agents of Barcoibiza.

30. Where do the skipper and the crew sleep?

If you have requested the skipper service with your boat rental, the skipper can sleep in the crew cabin if the boat has these types of cabins. The crew cabins are usually located in the bow and sometimes in the aft and are accessed directly from the outside, so that users have more privacy. If the ship does not have a crew cabin, the skipper usually sleeps in one of the cabins of the boat. Working hours for employers are long and their rest is very important.
This information is important to keep in mind when you decide to spend the night anchored, because if the boat does not have cabins for all the crew, the guest ones will have to be used, and therefore the capacity of guests sleeping on board is reduced when anchored. For this reason, most yachts offer overnight accommodation only at port, because their crew can go home to sleep, without having to use the guest cabins.

31. How many people can go on the same boat?

 On the profile of each boat, the maximum capacity of people allowed during the day is always indicated without counting the crew. A boat can be dispatched for 12 people and can mean 11 guests + captain, or 10 guests + captain + sailor. In larger yachts, by length and characteristics, it is easier to find cabins for 12 guests + crew; for this reason, in Barcoibiza we always refer to the capacity as guests on board.
The capacity of guests sleeping on board or with overnight stays depends on the number of cabins; usually 2 people per cabin, sometimes queen size bed, king size, two single beds in parallel or in bunk, and in some cases with an extra foldable bed suitable for children, due to its light weight.
In general, the maximum distribution that we can find in charter boats based in Ibiza is of 4 cabins, being 5 very rare. It is easy to think that the bigger the boat, the more people can go on board, but the charter licenses in Ibiza do not go further than 12 guests + crew. Only boats with a passenger boat license can exceed this number and in Ibiza there are few, such as giant catamarans or schooners, more suitable for day events than for overnight stays.

32. Are the rental boats in Ibiza available for a single day?

Most of the sailing boats and catamarans, during the summer season, are usually rented for full weeks, normally beginning on a Saturday and leaving the following Saturday. In the case of motor boats there is no problem for the rental of a single day or several days.
However, yachts of large lengths always give priority to reservations of several days in a row or of a full week since, due to their size, they are ideal for a holiday, just like the villas, for this reason it is difficult to break their weeks to rent the boat only one day.
In these cases, it is easier to get a reservation with less time in advance, the day before or two days before, because if the boat has not managed to be rented for a week or several days in a row and has available days in its calendar it is much easier to get them.
Barcoibiza has an extensive and exclusive fleet specialized in day trips, and we also know the boats in detail. We always encourage you to contact us directly so we can send you the options that will best suit you for your day by boat in Ibiza and Formentera.

33. How long is the rental of the boat? What are the boarding and disembarking times?

The day charter, without the overnight stay, lasts 8h. After these 8 hours go by it is considered extra hours. The policy of each boat and its ship-owner decide if they do overtime or not and what the price is, since this implies extra work hours for the crew members, the logistic team cleaning and office equipment.
The schedule is normally between 10:00 am -11: 00 am to 8:00 pm – 8:30 pm. Within these margins you can choose your 8h charter, taking into account that they will start counting from the time you set to embark, which is why punctuality is crucial in order to not waste time.
If your intention is to enjoy more of the afternoon and see the sunset on the boat, we recommend you embark later, and if the intention is to enjoy more of the day and the sunny hours, embark earlier.
Each boat needs a pre-preparation, testing and tuning before each charter in Ibiza, and after each client also to replace supplies, clean the boat, repairs needed so that everything is ready for the next rental. This means that the crew has already started working before your arrival and that after the check-out they continue working on the boat.
Sailboats and catamarans are always rented from Saturday to Saturday to optimize their schedules. Check-in is done on Saturday afternoon. The person responsible for the boat will ask you to return it to the base port the following week, on Friday night to be ready for disembarkation on Saturday morning. The technical and cleaning team will need to prepare the boat on Saturday morning for the following customers who will enter in the afternoon. The reason for reducing the half-day period is this necessary time of preparation and set-up of the boat.
In the case of yachts whose previous guests have stayed overnight, the following check-in cannot be done before 11:00 – 12:00 noon, for the same reasons as for preparation.
The passenger boats like giant catamarans and schooners have strict schedules of check-in and check-out at port, as well as the routes they do due to the port permits to embark and disembark clients, the time of navigation they use in their routes and the required time of preparation of the boat.
32. What extra activities can I hire?
The main extra activities hired for boats are water toys, jet skis, sea bobs, fly board sessions, hover board, jetpack with instructor, paddle surf… Contact us and we will send you all the information of these services, rates, duration and how to proceed to hire them.
Some yachts already include in their rental price for the use of toys like the famous sea bob, or jet ski. If your chosen boat does not have water toys, we suggest you try the sea bob experience, it will definitely give you a much more fun boat experience.

34. How do we get off the boat to the restaurant we have chosen to eat? Can I ask the restaurant to bring the food from the restaurant to the boat?

Choosing the restaurant where you are going to eat with time is highly advisable, because in addition to ensuring your favourite table and shift you can foresee in advance if the restaurant has an auxiliary service to get off the boat and return. They are zodiacs with great capacity, faster and more stable than the ones the boats carry, which will leave you practically on the shore, all in exchange of a tip for the boatman.
If the chosen restaurant does not have a boat pick-up service with a zodiac, you will depend on the auxiliary boat that your own boat carries. They are usually smaller, with less capacity, more sensitive to waves.
If the restaurant chosen does not provide this service and your boat does not carry an auxiliary one you cannot go down to the restaurant, having the alternatives to choose another restaurant with this active service or to take prepared meals on board.
You also have the option to ask the restaurant to deliver food on board. This service is increasingly difficult to find because of the logistics it requires, the food may not arrive with the right temperature, or it is more complicated to ask for it to be changed in the case of not liking it. This service requires that your boat has cutlery, crockery and kitchenware, and in smaller boats it is more complicated, due to the dimensions, spaces and because they are not designed for eating on board as in a restaurant or on a boat of great length.
Another variable to take into account is the sea condition that day; if the area chosen to anchor near the restaurant is not advisable, it will be best to change the plan as soon as you leave the port. Our recommendation is not to leave it for the last minute and organize it with time, so you can choose the most appropriate boat route without having to navigate from one place to another looking for a restaurant, and take advantage of the day.

35. Should we give the captain a tip?

It is normal to tip the captain and crew as a way of thanking them for their hospitality and kindness helping you make everything easier, giving you advise on places and routes, recommending special places and in occasions they even have the role of tour guides on your route. The tip, of course, depends on your degree of satisfaction.
In Barcoibiza we always count on a fantastic staff and good hosts so that you feel comfortable and are treated well. Renowned professionals of the islands, navigation routes, restaurants and points of interest, and also knowing how to react effectively and efficiently.

36.Can I embark and disembark wherever I want?

Each boat has a moorage in an Ibiza port from where it embarks and disembarks customers, where it is legally permitted and covered by an insurance for this purpose. Picking up customers at a different place depends on the viability and safety of the place for that purpose, the extra cost of fuel consumption, the state of the sea, the draft on the shore, etc.
In Barcoibiza we always recommend the embarkation and disembarkation from the hired moorage of the boat. For a different place please contact us and we will study it in a detailed way always looking for the best and easiest option for you.

37. What is the Preference List?

The Preference List is a list of customer preferences in order for the staff to have everything prepared when you arrive at the boat, enough beverages and supplies for all of you, also allowing them to avoid allergies or to not waste time getting everything done in the last moment.
It is a list of small details to keep in mind so that everything fits perfectly. It is designed for multi-day boat stays.
Below, you will find series of questions which we would appreciate you to answer in advance when you rent a boat in Ibiza with Barcoibiza:
Part 1: Guest list
Name, nationality, passport and date of birth of each guest. This is very important because in the case of having a control/inspection of the authorities they will demand name and passport of crew and guests, this is why it is necessary to take it with you, just like when we take a plane.
Is someone in the group on a diet?
Does anyone have some kind of allergy or intolerance that needs to be taken into account?
Some sort of medical condition that we need to know: diabetes, epilepsy, heart, etc.?
Part 2: Itinerary and activities
2.1 Is there a cove or point in particular that you want to visit? Day charter in Ibiza is usually done between Ibiza and Formentera, and the most visited places include Espalmador, Illetes, Cala Saona, Es Vedra, etc. But when you rent for several days it is of great help to have planned fixed routes, that can always be changed at the customer’s request.
2.2. Do you have previous experience in day charter with yachts, sailboats, etc.?
2.3. Is your rental for a special event such as a birthday, anniversary, etc.?
2.4 List of interests: Archaeological points (caves…), swimming, snorkelling, paddle-surf, water ski, diving surface, other water sports like sea bob, fly board, or relaxing, sunbathing, going to the beaches…
All these activities and itineraries, regardless of how much they have been planned, will be always limited by weather conditions of that day, and safety conditions both for clients, staff and boat.
Part 3: Food and drink
The more information the staff on the boat has about your preferences on food and drinks the easier for them to please you.
– Favourite breakfast: What do you like to drink with breakfast? How do you like your snacks on board, light, consistent, cold or hot? Favourite snacks:
For lunch and dinner on board, in the case of overnight, it is highly recommended to let us know the preferences of meat (chicken, lamb, veal, pork), fish, seafood, rice, pasta, potatoes, salad, fruit or any other kind of meal you prefer.
Is there anything in particular that you dislike? Do you like spicy foods or foods with spices?
It is very important to specify the preferred brands per types and quantity of the drinks that the crew has to stock on-board. We also work with delivery companies, with a wide offer that will deliver the products directly to the boat.
Part 4: Trip info
– Flight arrival time, airline and flight number. – Flight departure time, airline and flight number. – Port of embarkation. – Port of disembarkation. – Will the group stay at a hotel, villa, etc.? – Does it provide a chauffeur service or private transfers?
All this information might seem a bit tedious to answer, but please bear in mind that it will be of great help to us, to provide an optimal service as Ibiza summers are so busy and the concentration of charters and work is so high in such a short period of time, this is a key factor for us to be able to ensure a good experience when renting a yacht in Ibiza and Formentera.

38. What is the A.P.A.?

 A.P.A. is the abbreviation for Advanced Provisioning Allowance. It is an advanced payment that is required to finance the costs of the boats. It corresponds around 25-30% of the rent and is used to cover the preparation costs of the yacht, food and drink supplies, fuel, extra activities, crew tips and other requests from the clients.
If the A.P.A. is not fully used at the end of the charter, the amount left over will be returned to the client. Sometimes it can be done right away if there is nothing pending and with everything clear. Other times it can take up to 10 days to be returned, used to analyse the situation. The A.P.A. is a payment that is managed directly by the captain and crew, as a fund to use during the client’s stay on the boat to cover their needs. In the case that the A.P.A. finishes before the charter ends, the client would have to add an amount to it, because nor the charter company nor the crew can advance any payment that corresponds to the client.

39. What is the security deposit for payment of fuel?

Security for the payment of the fuel deposit is a deposit taken by the captain of the ship to ensure the payment of fuel consumption made by the customer on the day charter. This deposit is not necessary when the customer has already paid an A.P.A. Some ships charge fuel consumption to the Board, for an already scheduled route and with a fixed price.
For customers with free route consumption is usually paid upon return to port, but for security reasons it is possible that a deposit is taken and the difference is returned to customer at the check-out. This deposit is more common in yachts from certain lengths for their engines or speed they consume more, or in large yachts that can be consumed perfectly from 900 to €1,500 a day charter.