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More flexible 2020 boat booking conditions as a result of COVID 19

What happens if as a consequence of the coronavirus or the confinement measures I cannot travel to Ibiza on the scheduled dates?

Dear clients and friends, first and foremost we truly hope this message finds you well during these difficult weeks. At Barcoibiza we have worked very hard over the past couple of weeks to manage the escalating situation related to the COVID-19 virus. It is a truly unprecedented event and all our team has been working relentlessly to ensure that everybody is set up to work remotely and all critical business activities are running as smoothly as ever. We would like to reassure all our clients and partners that we are 100% operative, and we are here to go beyond your expectations as we have been doing since years ago, season after season.

Let’s look to the future and be positive about things that are to come

We are certain this crisis will make our industry more considerate, our team a better community and will allow us as individuals to appreciate a lot more the simple and beautiful things life can give us. It may seem a little strange to receive content about holiday proposals and luxury services and destinations in these uncertain days as if our day by day was normal. If we still share content inspired by Ibiza and the wonders of this magical island and its neighbouring Formentera, it is not because these days the conditions here are different, but that does not mean that we cannot look to the future and be positive about things that are to come; after all, dreams are what keep us in the daily routine of life and give us comfort and relief when everything else seems lost.

The storm will subside and we can return to normal

It is clear that sooner or later we will overcome this crisis of the coronavirus and confinements. At this moment it seems that we are in the eye of the storm and it is difficult to think beyond the next few weeks, but the sun, the sea and paella are waiting in the not too distant future. For those who feel safe and eager to book Ibiza 2020 summer vacations, either by boat or simply enjoy a day charter, we would like to assure you that we have flexible booking conditions so that you can reserve a boat for your preferred dates now and not lose availability when these closing measures have ended.

More flexible 2020 boat booking conditions

We have updated our reservation policy so that, in the event that a client is unable to reach the charter base due to travel restrictions when there is an official notice not to travel to the reserved charter area, or the border is closed to the country of origin of the client, it is possible to change your dates, as long as the departure remains in 2020. If due to travel restrictions it is not possible to make the charter during this season, exceptionally you can re-program the reservation for the 2021 season as long as the charter area remains the same. Likewise, any questions can be resolved personally with our team during the reservation process of each specific boat.

Love and strength

Our entire Barcoibiza team sends you a lot of love, strength and we advise you to never stop dreaming or imagining in the near future in Ibiza, and we hope it will be this summer. We will be here waiting for you when the time comes. Please continue to contact us on our normal telephone numbers, and emails address. We shall be keeping you updated on further evolutions and look forward to staying in touch with you, now more than ever. The Barcoibiza Team