Boat rental in Ibiza

Sign up for the boat rental in Ibiza, an exclusive experience, with very careful attention. All kinds of boats in Ibiza and Formentera: superyachts, yachts, boats, inflatables, zodiacs, sailboats, catamarans, giant catamarans for large groups, schooners and boats without skippers.


Mangusta 108 Four Friends

4 cabins
33,48 m
12 Guests
6-8* Guests overnight
from 63.000 € /Week
Base port: Palma de Mallorca

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Fjord 40 Open A2

1 cabin
12 m
11 guests
no overnight
desde 1.250 € /día
Port: Marina Ibiza

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Mangusta 108 Belisa

4 cabins
32,92 m
12 guests day charter
10 guests overnight
from 11.000 € /day
Base Port: Botafoch

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Ibiza events boat: Gulet Saga

0 cabins
24,00 m
36 guests
0 guests overnigh
from 2.000 € /day
Base port: San Antonio

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Apreamare Maestro 65 “Trabucaire”

4 camarotes
20,16 m
12 plazas
8 plazas para dormir
desde 4.000 €
Puerto base: Menorca

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Hiring a boat rental service in Ibiza with Barcoibiza is the easiest way to enjoy a professional and unbeatable rental. A safe, fast, easy, comfortable and economical process. When you have tried it, you will understand why our clients, when it comes to their vacations, repeat every summer with Barcoibiza.

A day in a rental boat in Ibiza or to go to Formentera, allows you to enjoy paradisiacal beaches and small coves to which there is no other way to access if it is not by boat, incredible cliffs with crystalline waters,

sheltered from the wind and with small caves, avoiding the agglomerations of the beaches of Ibiza in summer and enjoying Ibiza and Formentera with total exclusivity and privacy: only you and whoever you choose.
On the coast of Ibiza you have a great variety of landscapes and all with a charm out of the ordinary, for its mix between turquoise waters and the green and wooded coast of pines and junipers and, at the same time, with the cliff coast; a beautiful contrast between blues, turquoises, greens, rocks, white sand, fishermen’s huts and marvelous sea floor to dive…

Boat rental with and without skipper

Spend the day sailing through Ibiza, or between Ibiza and Formentera, with whoever you choose: your partner, family, children, friends; it is a very relaxing, rewarding and harmonious experience that will allow you to fill yourself with positive energy, clean air, totally transparent waters, and enjoy the sea, listen to your favorite music, sunbathe in the sundecks of the boat in front of the island of Espalmador or the beach of Illetas with the crew at your disposal… and without having to share the space with people that you do not know. Renting a boat in Ibiza is a unique experience to remember.

You have the option to choose a boat with or without crew (with a skipper or without a skipper). The crews are composed, depending on the size of the ship, only as captain or sailor, stewardess, chef, etc. The boats that we have in fleet available for rent without skipper have a maximum length of about 10 meters, mostly monohull boats and zodiacs. The necessary qualifications to rent a boat without skipper go from the GNP and the PER, depending on the length. You have to demonstrate experience and knowledge of the navigation area, and pay a security deposit.

Renting a boat with skipper offers you total relaxation. You will not have to worry about the safety of the boat or the navigation routes because the skipper will do it for you.

The captain knows exactly where to anchor and where not, which route to choose depending on the wind, in which coves of Ibiza and Formentera are in better conditions, in which restaurants it can be easier to get a table and which are more complicated that day and, above all, you can go down to eat at your favorite restaurant without worrying about the boat.

They are used to navigating every day and they know all the tricks to navigate perfectly. The crews of the boats are good tour guides, good professionals with experience that will take care of you on board so that you do not miss any detail.
If you have any questions when it comes to renting a boat in Ibiza, get in touch with Barcoibiza through any of our contact options and we will provide you the information you need.

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