Ibiza – Espalmador – Illetas – Cala Saona – Illetas – Ibiza

If you want to spend a day on a boat with a fuel economy, we suggest a boat route between Ibiza and Formentera that you will love. It incorporates one stop more than the classic route: Cala Saona. It consumes approximately 2 hours of motor use and shows you a little more of the island of Formentera.

We leave in the morning from the port of Ibiza towards Formentera bordering the coast with its small coves and beaches with beautiful views of the old town of Dalt Vila. We continue sailing past Playa d’en Bossa and Es Cavallet, from where we will head for Formentera, passing through the islets of Sa Torreta and arriving at our first stop on the island of Espalmador.

Ruta de navegación en barco de Ibiza a Cala Saona

We can visit its beaches, which can only be accessed by boat. The views of Espalmador from the boat are spectacular, the water is super transparent and turquoise and the light in this area is very special.

You can swim to the shore and take a walk on the beach and discover a little more. Remember that it is a protected natural area and it is very important not to alter anything and respect it as much as possible. Between Espalmador and Formentera you will find the Pas des Trocadors a large sand tongue that joins the two coasts.

Although some are adventurous and dare to cross from one island to another here walking, we recommend not doing so because the distance becomes long, it reaches to cover and there are currents. We will continue to the beach of Illetes and anchor to take a well-deserved bath, discovering that perhaps a famous is your favorite star, since it is the favorite beach of celebrities, and take advantage of sunbathing on deck, preparing a vermouth, snorkeling or stroll along the beach; in the area to the north, nudism is practiced, which will be the ideal occasion to tan without markings.

Here we can book a table at any of the Illetas restaurants.

Starting with the one closest to the island of Espalmador and ending with the one closest to the port of La Savina, this is the order: It’s Ministre, El Pirata, Juan & Andrea, the one with the most years and where you can easily find star system, famous, and rich businessmen and families; the letter is at the level of demand of its clientele.

It is followed by Es Molí de Sal, interior and terrace, with a more classic concept and very good cuisine, fresh and without sand.

Right after El Tiburón. It is followed by new and fresh Kiss Beach, younger, relaxed. Eating with your feet in the cool sand is a sensation, also with familiar faces and the odd international surprise. Its menu is delicious, a mix of Mediterranean and Basque cuisine and a lot of seafood.

Almost arriving at the port of La Savina you will find the restaurant Sa Sequí, the last one on the beach.

After lunch we set sail for Cala Saona, just as Illetas is oriented to the west, therefore with more sun. The navigation is very beautiful, contemplating the steep coast during the crossing until you reach one of the most turquoise waters of all Formentera. Here there is more depth and still you can see the background with total clarity. In this area there is usually less concentration of boats than in Illetas.

If you decide to eat in Cala Saona, instead of in Illetas, you have several options in the beach of Cala Saona, such as Sol Restaurant, closer to the shore, the Sol Post Restaurant of the Hotel Cala Saona, and the Chacala. Depending on the time available to you, you can anchor again in Illetas beach and have some Mojitos in Beso Beach if you could not eat here; the atmosphere of the afternoon is sensational. If you decide to spend more time in Cala Saona, you can go directly to the port of Ibiza and see a wonderful sunset while sailing, with Es Vedrá in the background.

Contacts of interest for this route

It is important to make sure that the restaurants chosen to go down to eat have an active tender service to be able to pick you up from the ship and land on the shore. If not, you will depend on the dinghy / auxiliary of the ship. Not all boats take auxiliary boat and approaching the shore depends on the draft of the boat and the safety of the bottom, it is not the same a sandy bottom as rocky, because the boat could touch with the hull or with the propellers and suffered serious damage. In addition, in general, restaurants use larger and more capacious zodiacs than dinghys on boats, which tend to be smaller and more bulky to reach the shore

Es Ministre

Playa de Illetas, Formentera
+ 34 609 600

El Pirata

Playa de Illetas, Formentera
+34 971 324 064

Beso Beach

Playa de Cavall d’en Borràs (Illetas), s/n Parque Natural de Ses Salines, 07860 Formentera (Spain)
+971 324 572
+ 622 222 113
Zodiac Service: VHF Channel 76
GPS: 38º 44’ 21.60” N. 1º 25’ 47.40” E
Servicios de comidas de 13 a 18 horas.
Servicio de snacks de 19 horas a cierre.


Playa de Illetes, Formentera
+34 630 258 144
Zodiac Service: VHF Channel 74
GPS: 38.7535762, 1.4330123
Observaciones:  No disponen de sistema de reservas online, para poder solicitar una reserva debéis hacerlo vía email. El Restaurante os responderá con la mayor rapidez posible para confirmar su reserva de forma personal. También por teléfono.

Es Molí de Sal

Playa de Illetas, Formentera
+ 34 971 187 491

El Tiburón

Playa de Illetas, Formentera.
Restaurante: +34 659 638 945
Barquero: Agni +34 616 290 511

Sa Sequi

Venda de Ses Salines, 3159. 07870, Formentera
+34 633 728 523