Sailboats rental in Ibiza

Exclusive sailboats for rent with crew in Ibiza and Formentera
Enjoy a week of summer sailing holidays in Ibiza, aboard these exclusive sailboats with crew, sailing along the coast of Ibiza and Formentera. In Barcoibiza we offer different options of sailboats with crew, from largest to smallest, new or with more years of experience, only with skipper or skipper, with mooring in port every day or without mooring, sailboats from different shipyards and number of cabins.

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Sailboat sailing is very different from sailing on a yacht or motor boat. Sailing is one of the best sensations for sea lovers. Sailboat sailing is quieter, its speed is slower and fuel consumption is very low. Sailboats are stable boats, equipped with the necessary equipment and amenities for long stays on board.

Fully prepared to spend the night on them. You will have everything you need on board to feel at home: cabins to sleep and store all your personal belongings, full bathroom, equipped kitchen, living room with table and sofas, stereo, etc.

Enough space to relax on deck and enjoy the sun in the solarium areas.

The sailboats and catamarans in Ibiza and Formentera are always rented from Saturday to Saturday to optimize their agendas.

Check-in is done on Saturday afternoon. The person in charge of the ship will ask you to return it to the base port the following week, on Friday night to be ready for the disembarkation on Saturday morning. The technical and cleaning team will need to prepare the boat on Saturday morning for the following customers who will enter in the afternoon.

The reason for reducing the half-day period is this necessary time of preparation and set-up of the ship.

Possibility of a sailboat rental by days or weeks

The majority of sailboats for rent in Ibiza make weekly charters, but little by little more sailboat options are opening their schedules to renting for single days, because more and more users want to enjoy sailing between Ibiza and Formentera or along the coast of Ibiza.

We have sailboats in Ibiza with mooring at port every day of the charter and sailboats that only include courtesy mooring for check-in and check-out. The sailboat offers you the possibility to spend the night outside the base port, anchored in a quiet cove sheltered from the wind, being able to watch the sunset from the sea and see the sunrise by boat.

Sleep on board rocked by the waves and have breakfast with the sunrise over the sea, facing the wild coast of Ibiza is an unforgettable and exclusive experience that will give you an injection of energy when you return to your routine.

Renting a sailboat with mooring in Ibiza allows you to spend the night at port, sheltered from the wind and waves, more quiet and completely independent to enter and leave the port in the evenings-nights to go to dinner, party, sightseeing, storage of provisions in the supermarket, shopping. A mooring allows you to enjoy the sea and land.

Renting a sailing boat with mooring in Ibiza is the closest thing to renting a room or apartment in Ibiza for your vacation. Having a boat with mooring at port gives you the option of doing other activities on land if any of the days of your charter has bad weather.

Renting a sailboat without mooring in Ibiza facilitates a more economic charter.

It is intended to perform a route where every day you can visit different areas of the coast.

This option gives you a great feeling of independence, freedom and disconnection from the city, work and your everyday life. It obliges you to get supplies for a full week to not return to port each day.

It also allows you to depend at all times of the dinghy or auxiliary boat whenever you want to embark and disembark from the sailboat.

The sailboat rental for day charters, a single day, 8 hours is a good option for sailing enthusiasts, or those who want to try the sailing experience without having to commit for a week.

The navigation is slower, therefore you will take longer to reach your destination. For example, the route from Ibiza port to the Illetes beach in Formentera can last between 1h30mins and 2h, with the time you will need to return to port, it does not leave you too much time for larger routes in a single day.

If you have any questions for renting a sailboat in Ibiza, get in touch with Barcoibiza through any of our contact options and we will provide you with the information you need.

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