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VanDutch 40, Ibiza most requested boat.

VanDutch was founded in 2008 (Vanguard Dutch Marine Limited), is a Netherlands based yacht manufacturing company. It started commercial manufacturing in 2009 with its first model VanDutch40 and has sold more than 135 units so far.


The company participates regularly in yacht shows across the world including Miami International Boat Show and Monaco Yacht Show. It is official yacht partner for Red Bull Racing team who participate in Monaco Grand Prix at Monaco harbor.

VanDutch produces various yachts catering to the luxury segment. The model nomenclature is typically VanDutchXX where XX stands for the length of yacht in foot.

This elegant VanDutch 40, day-boat conceptualized by Frank Mulder Design instills pure, fluid lines combining straight-edge design, comfort and performance. An immense, cockpit for its length, an inviting cabin for eight people, an unreproached finish, innovative materials such as the composite Esthec are all the elements that establish the VanDutch as a prestigious reference of Dutch know-how and design.

We work at Barcoibiza with 6 differents Van Dutch 40 boats in Ibiza, all crewed, with allowed capacity between 8-9 guests. Van Dutch yacht is the most requested boat in Ibiza for day charter every summer, so availability is not always easy to get, but just contact us and we will do our best to help you realice your dream of having an amazing day charter on board a faboulous and stylish Van Dutch 40.

VanDutch maneuverability relies on the premium design of its stern and bow thrusters, which come as a standard on all models. VanDutch boats are equipped with an autopilot and a navigation system to stay in control of the boat without any stress. Enjoy a day charter with a VanDutch boat with Barcoibiza this summer in Ibiza.

The challenge was to build the VanDutch yacht with timeless design and impressive performance. To achieve such a feat VanDutch distinguished itself by not only creating an exceptional design for exceptional people, but by implementing the precision comfort built specifically by the Dutch for the yacht world’s elite. List of notable people known to own VanDutch yachts includes Cristiano RonaldoDavid BeckhamDwyane WadeLeonardo DiCaprioMark CubanRyan Phillippe and Simon Cowell.

Van Dutch 40 specifications:

  1. 2 X Cummins 480 HP (diesel)
  2. Total length 12.08 m / 39.36 ft
  3. Beam 3.50 m / 11.48 ft
  4. Draft 0.95m /2,6 ft
  5. Displacement 8,1 t / 16,535 lb
  6. Motorization 2 x Cummins 480 hp (Diesel)
  7. Fuel capacity 850 L
  8. Water capacity 115 L / 30.38 GAL.

The list of yacht models produced by the company is provided below.

  1. VanDutch40 (2009)
  2. VanDutch30 (2012)
  3. VanDutch40 WA Walk-Around (2012)
  4. VanDutch55 (2012)
  5. VanDutch75 (2015)

VanDutch let you customize your boat choosing hull, cushions, esthec and joints colors, between several options:

  1. Hull: super jet black, majestic blue, royal blue, navy blue, dark grey, vivid red, greystone, cream, baby blue and snow white.
  2. Cushions: ice, cream, sisal, beige, taupe, meteor, mocca, sunkist, plata, carbon.
  3. Esthec: biscuit, desert, smoke, truffle, saddle.
  4. Joints: black, grey, white.