Ibiza – Es Vedra – Ibiza

This route is focused on Es Vedrá, without going through Formentera. Departure from the port of Ibiza, with anchorages on the beach of Salinas, Cap des Falcó, and Cala Jondal until you reach Es Vedrá and return to port. It has an estimated average duration of between 2h30m and 2h 45 minutes of engine use, round trip.

With 400 meters of height this islet of rock and little flat surface rises majestically in vertical, views that are impressive from the ship, as if it were a giant. Es Vedrá and Es Vedranel have become one of the best-known symbols of Ibiza, for its large number of legends, rumors and mysticism. The islet is protected as a Natural Area of ​​Special Interest, and it is forbidden to disembark in it unless a special permit is available.

Ruta Ibiza - Es Vedra - Ibiza

The route starts from the port of Ibiza, surrounds Dalt Vila, with beautiful views of the old fortress and the neighborhood of La Marina, a picture postcard. Then go through Figueretas and Playa d’en Bossa until you reach Es Cavallet, where you can do anchoring if the wind is in your favor. On this beach you can find the restaurants: La Escollera, at the beginning of the beach, followed by El Chiringuito and more towards the end of the beach, passing the nudist zone, the Chiringay.

After Escavallet past the Punta de sa Tower of ses Portes, with the tower of Ses Portes, comes a small cove known as Cala Pluma, it is totally wild, without any kind of building or chiringuito. After Cala Pluma there are other coves all in the area known as Es Pouet de Sa Trinxa natural, wild, nudist, little crowded. Normally if the wind is not favorable in the area of ​​Escavallet yes it is in this area of ​​Es Pouet de Sa Trinxa and the beach of Las Salinas. If we have set sail without having lunch, both Es Cavallet and Ses Salines offer us many options.

Leaving behind the beach of Ses Salines, Punta de Sa Cova Larga and Punta des Canal de s’Olla, in what is Cabo Falcó, you will find Punta Rama. If the wind conditions permit it is an ideal place to anchor with stunning views of the cliff of Cap des Falcó. It can only be accessed by boat, so that you will enjoy an anchor in total exclusivity. The cliff continues until the beach of Es Codolar begins, which opens with the Experimental Beach, an ideal place to have a cocktail or some mojitos and to watch the sunset on the way to port. It is the longest beach on the island, with pebbles, without sand on the outside, although it is inside the water.

It is so close to the airport that you can see the planes landing at an astonishing distance. Between Es Codolar and Punta des Jondal you will pass through countless coves, highlighting Es Bol Nou, Sa Caleta. After Punta des Jondal you will arrive at Cala Jondal, with the famous Blue Marlin beach club and the restaurants Tropicana, Es Xarcu.

Next to Cala Jondal comes the area of ​​Es Cubels, with lots of small coves to Cala Llentrisca and Cabo Llentrisca, from where you will begin to see the giant Es Vedrá and his little sister Es Vedranell, before Cala D’Hort.

Foto de Es Vedra y Es Vedranell en Ibiza

The number of coves from the port of Ibiza to Es Vedrá is very wide, and we recommend you to organize your time well, decide which points you want to give more importance and be more anchored, bearing in mind that the main attraction of this route is the islet of Es Vedrá. If you want to start the charter later to enjoy the afternoon and the sunset, you can sail directly to Es Vedrá, have lunch there at anchor or in a nearby restaurant with tender service and go back to port little by little, until you finish with the sunset in Cap des Falcó or in Salinas in front of Beso Beach Ibiza.

Contacts of interest for this route

Es importante asegurarse de que los restaurantes elegidos para bajar a comer tienen servicio de tender activo para poder recogeros del barco y desembarcaros en la orilla.  Si no es así dependeréis del dinghy/auxiliar del barco.  No todos los barcos llevan embarcación auxiliar y acercarse a la orilla depende del calado del barco y de lo seguro que sea el fondo, no es lo mismo un fondo de arena que rocoso, pues el barco podría tocar con el casco o con las hélices y sufrid daños serios.  Además, por lo general, los restaurantes utilizan zodiacs más grandes y con más capadidad que los dinghys de los barcos, que suelen ser más pequeños y más aparatosos para llegar a la orilla.

La Escollera
Playa Es Cavallet, 07817 Sant Jordi
de ses Salines, Islas Baleares
Restaurante: +(34) 971 39 65 72
Oficina: +(34) 971 39 51 88
Email: laescollera@gmail.com
Instagram: @laescolleraibiza

El Chiringuito
Playa Es Cavallet – Ibiza, Spain
Reservations: +34 971 39 53 55
Email: info@elchiringuitoibiza.com
Instagram: @elchiringuito_ibiza

Playa d’es Cavallet, 07830
Sant Josep de sa Talaia, Islas Baleares
+34 971 59 95 08
Email: info@chiringay.com
Instagram: @chiringayibizaofficial

Sa Trinxa
Playa de Ses Salines, S/N, 07830 Sant Josep de sa Talaia, Islas Baleares
+ 34 618 96 05 00
Instagram: @satrinxaibiza

Jockey Club Salinas
Playa Salinas, s/n, 07818 Sant Josep de sa Talaia
+34 971 395 788
Email: booking@jockeyclubibiza.com
Instagram: @jockeyibiza

Malibú Beach Club
Playa de las Salinas, s/n, 07817 Sant Jordi de ses Salines, Islas Baleares
+34 971 396 580
Email: hola@ibizamalibu.es
Instagram: @malibu_ibiza

Beso Beach Ibiza
Playa Ses Salines, s/n, 07817 Ibiza, Islas Baleares
+34 971 395 444
Instagram: @besobeachibiza

Experimental Beach Club
Playa des Codolar Salinas, s/n, 07817 Ibiza, Islas Baleares
+34 664 33 12
Instagram: @eccbeach

Restaurante Sa Caleta
Platja d’es Bol Nou, s/n, 07830 Sant Josep, Islas Baleares
+34 971 18 70 95
Instagram:  @sacaletarestaurant

Cala Jundal, s/n, 07830 Sant Josep de sa Talaia, Ibiza.
+34 971 18 75 20


Instagram:  @tropicanaibiza

Ses Boques
Playa de Ses Boques, 07839. Sant Josep de sa Talaia, Ibiza.
+ 34 606 08 15 70
Instagram: @sesboques

El Carmen
Playa Cala d’Hort, 07830 Sant Josep de sa Talaia, Islas Baleares
+ 971 187 449

Es Xarcu
+34 971 187 867
Cala Es Xarco – Porroig – Sant Josep – Eivissa
email: restaurante@esxarcu.com
VHF Chanel:
Instagram: @esxarcu

Blue Marlin Ibiza
Cala Jondal, s/n, 07800 Ibiza
+34 603 70 87 96
Instagram: @bluemarlinibiza

Carrer des Jondal 3, 07839
Sant Josep de sa Talaia, Illes Balears
+34 971 18 74 81
info@yemanjaibiza.com  reservation@yemanjaibiza.com
Instagram: @yemanjaibiza

Mapa de la Ruta Es Vedrá