If you want to spend a day on a boat with a cheaper fuel consumption we suggest a boat route between Ibiza and Formentera that you will love. We call it “star route” because it is the most followed, a classic. It consumes less fuel than the others because it uses less time of navigation and therefore of use of the engine, approximately between 1h and 1h 30 minutes, depending on whether you go directly to the beach of Illetas and return to port or if you make a stop before the island of Espalmador.

Less sailing time leaves more free time to enjoy the anchorages, the sea and your favorite chiringuito. The best route between Ibiza and Formentera by boat.

Ruta de navegación clásica Ibiza - Formentera

This route starts from the port of Ibiza, goes around Dalt Vila, passes through Figueretas and Playa d’en Bossa until it reaches Es Cavallet, from there the skipper makes a straight line towards the island of Espalmador with the first anchoring and later Illetas Beach with the second anchoring, to later make just the way back, with another anchoring more in Salinas, if you feel like it and there is still time or in Cap de Falcó to see the sunset from there.

This small route visits the most beautiful spots of Formentera, with crystal clear water and turquoise. The captain of your ship can give you information at the minute and in real time to have the consumption always under control. Remember that the rental of the boat is 8 hours at your disposal, and the consumption of the boat, indicated in liters or euros per hours of motor use, refers to the time in which the engines are being used and consuming fuel. During the time in which the boat is anchored the engine is not being used and therefore is not consuming, except for small maneuvers.

On Illetes beach, where we do the second anchoring, you have very good options to eat. Starting with the one closest to the island of Espalmador and ending with the one closest to the port of La Savina, this is the order: It’s Ministre, El Pirata, Juan & Andrea, the one with the most years and where you can easily find star system, famous, and rich businessmen and families; the letter is at the level of demand of its clientele.

It is followed by Es Molí de Sal, interior and terrace, with a more classic concept and very good cuisine, fresh and without sand. Just after The Shark and after him the new and fresh Kiss Beach, younger, relaxed, eat with your feet in the cool sand is a sensation, also with familiar faces and the occasional international surprise; its menu is delicious, a mix of Mediterranean and Basque cuisine and a lot of seafood.

Almost arriving at the port of La Savina you will find the restaurant Sa Sequí, the last one on the beach.The cheapest and easiest option to eat in Formentera is to bring your own food and have a picnic or a good snack on board the ship, as you will have a fridge and enough space to store everything, cutlery, dishes, …

We recommend you cold food, that is easy to make, that does not need fire, nor too many cutlery, for example sandwiches, pasta salad, snacks and fruit. Eating on board will allow you to enjoy more of the boat and navigation.

Do not forget the captain! You can also choose to hire boat catering, in this case we recommend The French Catering or Jam Pleasure that have always offered us an impeccable service.

After having lunch in Illetes and anchoring a good time to enjoy its waters and the atmosphere of its shore and its chiringuitos, we continue the trip towards Las Salinas, the most atmospheric beach in Ibiza to have a drink in the beach bars, and to dance … while we watch sunset with good music chill out in the background. Here they are the Malibú, Santrincha, and the new Kiss Beach Ibiza, until returning to port again.

In Barcoibiza we usually include amenities such as water, soft drinks, ice and towels, mainly on yachts. In the boats and rentals without skipper are not always included, so it is worth insuring before with your broker of what amenities we will include in your charter. You can also bring your own bottles to prepare combos, fresh wines in the ship’s fridge, and snacks, fruits and pica pica for the moment of vermouth or the return to Ibiza.

The boat charter lasts 8 hours, so it is important that you define your plan well in advance to know what is the best time to embark. If you want to see the sunset or enjoy your favorite beach bar, we recommend you embark at 12: 00h or 13: 00h and not have to pay for extra hours of navigation.

If you liked this idea, you can always share it on your social networks so that your friends can sign up. Contacting us is as easy as sending us a web form or an email to info@barcoibiza.com with the number of guests and dates, and we will send you several proposals to find the best one for you.

Contacts of interest for this route

Es Ministre
Playa de Illetas, Formentera
+ 34 609 600 538

El Pirata
Playa de Illetas, Formentera
+34 971 324 064

Sa Sequi
Venda de Ses Salines, 3159. 07870, Formentera
+34 633 728 523

Playa de Illetes, Formentera
+34 630 258 144
Zodiac Service: VHF Channel 74
GPS: 38.7535762, 1.4330123

Observaciones:  No disponen de sistema de reservas
online, para poder solicitar una reserva debéis
hacerlo vía email. El Restaurante os responderá
con la mayor rapidez posible para confirmar
su reserva de forma personal.
También por teléfono.

Beso Beach
Playa de Cavall d’en Borràs (Illetas), s/n Parque Natural de Ses Salines, 07860 Formentera (Spain)
+971 324 572
+ 622 222 113
Zodiac Service: VHF Channel 76
GPS: 38º 44’ 21.60” N. 1º 25’ 47.40” E

Servicios de comidas de 13 a 18 horas.
Servicio de snacks de 19 horas a cierre.

Es Molí de Sal
Playa de Illetas, Formentera
+ 34 971 187 491

El Tiburón
Playa de Illetas, Formentera.
Restaurante: +34 659 638 945
Barquero: Agni +34 616 290 511